"This house will become a shrine, and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say, "But why are the kids crying?" And the kids will say, "Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!"
R.I.P. Rik Mayall - March 7th 1958 - June 9th 2014

"I feel like she’s very important not just because she’s smart but because she told girls that it was okay to be slightly bossy and that it was okay to be studious and slightly nerdy" - Emma Watson on Hermione

this picture changed the world

Valle de las Mil Flores, Greenland  |  Carmen Marchena
i really miss u

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Nagasaki Kaido, Japan  |  Brian G. Kennedy

by Loulou Harbour on Flickr.